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WWE Clash at the Castle Scotland: Five predictions

WWE's PLE in Glasgow Scotland will be another history making event and will have shocking moments the same way it did last time

GLASGOW, Scot, (6-14-2024) - This Saturday, WWE will put on Clash at the Castle. This will be the second time the company put on this event after doing it in 2022 in Cardiff Wales.

The 2022 show had some of the most memorable moments of that year, not just for WWE but for wrestling in general. This included the debut of Solo Sikoa, Dominik Mysterio's heel turn, Sheamus and Gunter's five-star match for the Intercontinental Title and Drew McIntyre's near win for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns.

While this year's match card has only 5 matches, the event can still bring excitement to Glasgow fans and bring more memorable moments to an already historical 2024. These are five predictions for what might happen at the event.

  1. Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles will put on another classic

The Phenominal One shocked fans when he mirrored Mark Henry's fake retirement in 2013 to attack WWE Champion Cody Rhodes and set up their I quit match for the title.

This is the first televised I quit match in WWE since Finn Balor vs Edge at Extreme Rules 2022 which had a memorable finish when Edge quit to save Beth Phonenix from a Rhea Ripley ConChairTo, but she did it anyway.

An I quit match means anything can go and the only way to gain victory is to have your opponent say, "I quit." Styles and Rhodes already had a great match at Backlash France in May, and this will likely be the last time they face each other since Styles WWE run may be coming to an end sooner than later.

This match will be a good way to end the feud between these two with a hardcore moments and will without a doubt end with Rhodes finishing his story of clashing with the Phenominal One.

2. Otis and the Alpha Academy will turn on Chad Gable

Chad Gable's heel turn has so far been the revival he needed for his career. His attempts at trying to win the IC title the fair way proved futile and he and the Alpha Academy have been on a losing streak. Meanwhile, Sami Zayn did what Gable couldn't do: end Gunther's 666 day IC title reign at WM 40.

The triple threat at King of The Ring involving Zayn, Gable and Bronson Reed had a moment where Gable's right-hand man Otis charge into him and the past few weeks Gable and Otis had tensions rise between each other.

This match could end with Gable coming close to winning the title but out of nowhere Otis betrays Gable and leaves with Maxxine Dupri and Akira Tozawa.

It has been reported that Gable will form a new faction with the Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This would help elevate Gable into WWE's new Kurt Angle and having the Alpha Academy turn on him after his mistreatment of them would be a great way to set that up.

3. Drew McIntyre gets screwed for the second time in the main event

Similar to Chad Gable, Drew McIntyre has also seen a career revival since turning heel. He only gained more heat after injuring CM Punk out of WrestleMania and teasing him on social media.

All this led to him winning the World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins in Philadelphia before Punk would turn the tables back on him, setting up Damien Priest to cash in and end Drew's title reign minutes after he won the title.

Drew gets a chance to avenge his 2022 loss in Wales by facing Priest in the main event with the rest of Judgment Day barred from ringside. While this may be the perfect setup for Drew to finally reclaim gold once again, this time in front of his home country, this will most likely be a repeat of 2022.

That year, Solo Sikoa made his main roster debut by costing Drew the match against Reigns and joining The Bloodline. This year could have CM Punk interfere at the last moment, infuriating Drew for losing in his home country twice and setting up for their matches once Punk is medically cleared.

One hint to consider is Priest and Jey Uso will have a match for the WHC at Madison Square Garden on Friday Night Smackdown June 28. Also Gunther will face the winner of that match at Summerslam. Many fans already predict Drew and Punk facing each other, so Punk costing Drew the match is the only possible outcome.

4. Piper Niven gets hometown victory over Bayley

McIntyre isn't the only Scotland native wrestling a title match, Piper Niven will face Bayley for the Women's Championship. The 33-year-old built herself up after dropping the Doudrop name and teaming with Chelsea Green as Women's Tag Team Champions.

While Bayley is a great wrestler, many feel her title reign lacks reason after defeating Iyo Sky her former Damage CTRL teammate. While this match could go either way, it's hard to see two home country wrestlers not win. What makes it more interesting is Niven asked Triple H if she could have a match at the event and he agreed.

If Niven wins, this could help establish her as a big threat and set up a big match with the reigning Queen of the Ring Nia Jax. However, it is important to keep an open mind in this.

5. Uncle Howdy finally returns

Since the Raw after WrestleMania, there have been multiple hints that Taylor Rotunda's character Uncle Howdy will make his return to WWE after the unfortunate passing of his brother Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt.

After multiple QR codes, glitches on TV and the thing with WWE's website, it appears that Taylor's character will make his return. The Pro Wrestling Insider reported that Taylor and other reported members of the new Wyatt 6 faction have filmed vignettes this week and that their debut will be on Raw. June 17.

It's unknown how the Uncle Howdy character will work without the involvement of Wyatt. However, Triple H has shown how he can make the best creative decisions out of things not going the way they were planned.

While it's most likely the Uncle Howdy character will not reach its full potential as it could've if Wyatt was still alive, fans should keep an open mind about what it could bring to WWE. The Wrestling Wrap Up on IGN posted an article about this saying, "Howdy will most assuredly respectfully ride on Bray’s wave of adoration, but there’s also a huge opportunity here to make magic with a new crew of groovy ghoulies."

WWE Clash at the Castle will take place at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow Scotland, Saturday, June 15. And can be streamed on Peacock at 2pm ET and 11am. PT.

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