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Should the Bills consider trading for Roquan Smith?

Chicago Bears linebacker requests trade, could this give the Bills the chance to find a more suitable option for the middle linebacker position

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (8-9-2022) - With training camp underway, many Buffalo Bills fans question the long-term future for one of the key players on the team's no. 1 defense, linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. However, a solution may have risen in a possible trade with the Chicago Bears.

On Tuesday, Aug. 9, fifth-year linebacker Roquan Smith requested a trade via Instagram post writing, "new front office regime doesn't value me here." Smith wrote this regarding efforts to land a long-term extension since April.

Butkus also criticized the offer given to him previously saying it would be an embarrassment to every linebacker in the NFL.

"Every step of this journey has been 'take it or leave it," he said. "The deal sent to me is one that would be bad for myself, and for the entire LB market if I signed it."

If the Bears do decide to ship Butkus out of the windy city sometime soon, the team would most likely request a linebacker in return, especially with the recent trade of superstar linebacker Kahlil Mack to the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Bills could make an interesting offer to the Bears which could involve Edmunds. Both linebackers came from the 2018 draft and had similar stats, however, Smith has a slight edge in basic stats over the Bills defensive captain.

Smith recorded 43 tackles for a loss compared to Edmunds 26, which many Bills fans point out his alleged lack of awareness on the field. Smith also recorded more sacks than Edmunds with 14.

However, trading for Smith can also help the Bills save $3 million in cap space as Edmunds agreed to a $12.716 million contract for the 2022 season. Smith currently makes $9.7 million, according to a post from SB Nation.

Even if the Bills do trade for Smith, chances are they might have a problem signing him to a long-term deal in the 2023 offseason. However, Bills fans want a linebacker who has the ability to compliment Von Miller, Matt Milano and Ed Oliver in the long run and Smith could be that fit.

Fans will have to see how the situation plays out in Chicago and if the Bills will consider offering Edmunds for Smith. This definitely seems something that fans want to keep an eye on for the rest of the preseason.

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